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1) Formalization of the request on the HomeLuberon website in "Guest Service - Conciergerie Services" or by mail at


  • Brief draft of the requests by the owners / vacationers in the dedicated form

  • Specify the possible urgency of the matter



2) "HomeLuberon" will contact you on the day of the request.


  • Understanding of the specific requests of the owners / vacationers

  • Meeting with the owners or vacationers, if needed

  • Identification of possible specificities of the requests

  • Presentation of the different fare plans

  • Validation of the implementation date and the implementation period

3) Communication of estimates within 48 hours and signing of contracts


  • Selection / estimate of service providers by type of service

  • Cost evaluation and validation (providers + "HomeLuberon")

  • Signing of contracts between owners / vacationers and "HomeLuberon".

  • Payment of a down payment before the first service


4) Billing and payment as defined in phase 3


  • Control of the intervention orders / estimates and realizations

  • Reconciliation of estimate and invoicing of service providers

  • Calculation of invoices by "HomeLuberon" according to the contract :

  •  - Validated invoice established directly by the selected service provider

  •  - HomeLuberon fee

  • Immediate payment of the balance

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