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Our Process: Seasonal Rental



All home owners have different expectations of rental income. Some want to cover the costs of

their properties, others want to generate more income for renovation of the premises, others

want to have a regular income...

Together, we precisely define the right strategy and means to achieve our goals for the coming


Issues to fix :

  • Financial evaluations: expected revenues, expense budgets, ...

  • Rental strategy: rental fares, length of the stay, period, seasonal prices...

  • Identification of prerequisites, Home Staging

  • Validation of services: household, swimming pool maintenance, outdoor maintenance, ... and à

  • la carte services.

  • Dissemination strategy.

With a description meeting the criteria of referencing and highlighting the services of your

residence, we assure you a good visibility on the platforms of vacation rentals.

We select the best marketing platforms for your advertisement.

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We respond to all rental requests promptly.

To maximize your chances of renting your property, we optimize your rental fares according to

the time of the year and the demand.


Our goal ? To fill your rental schedule and boost your income.


With the arrival of AirBnb, travellers are increasingly appreciating short stays. It's a break in

their daily lives that allows them to discover destinations close to their home.


Also, the off-season market is developing very well around many activities. This is why we have

come up with a 50% Win-Win offer: we guarantee the same services to our tenants all year

round, while taking into account additional heating system costs.


Vacationers prepare their summer holidays very early on and sometimes come to the region off-

season to look for their future vacation rental. This is an excellent opportunity for the summer

that should not be overlooked.


But above all, short stays are great opportunities to gather positive opinions about your

property. Reviews are the key to go to the top of the search engines. It's a 100% win-win offer:

the more you rent, the more reviews you collect and the more you'll rent tomorrow!


Even more important for the good management of your property, a short stay will lead to the

opening of the house, its heating and a cleaning at the end of the stay. And very often, couples

who come off-season (without children...) hardly use the kitchen, they prefer to go out... a

nice serious clientele.

So finally, even if the rental income is not very high, off-season is really important because

houses that are never open are the ones that suffer the most in winter. You can be sure that

you have offered yourself a complete maintenance of your house at a lower cost.


When your residence is available for rent, we create an owner account that gives you access to

a secured schedule. On this calendar, you can also see upcoming bookings and block the dates

you wish to go to your home.


To optimize the communication between you and us, we send you an email to let you know

about upcoming rentals. Thus, you can make a better follow-up of the performances of your




  • You receive the rental income directly from the vacationers.

  • We send you our invoice at the end of each stay, payable according to the terms defined

  • together.

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