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Finding skills, countryside savoir-faire and experiences proposed by local partners, ...
... Accompanying them to offer personalized services organized within the Luberon regional network.

Technology aims to increase, scale up and simplify the connection between these skills and demands, and also sell services and activities. is therefore a "showcase" site for a specific and original intermediation solution concerning services related to property management, personal services and real estate in the Luberon region.


This offer is designed to optimize the costs of services, the relationship supervision between owners and service providers with a quality, transparency and traceability approach.


In practice, members will submit inquiries for services posted on the site, without the possibility of buying online.


With the expertise of an adviser, Home Luberon will establish the needs and precise criteria of each owner (deadlines, budgets, ...).


Either Home Luberon will be able to perform the service and thus offers an estimate, or an invitation to tender will be sent to service providers previously referenced and to the usual partners of the owner.


The owners and selected service providers (service companies or freelancers) register on the website. Registration is free for all "users".


Then the service providers will sign the final deal of collaboration with home owners via the site. The latter transmits the service providers' general terms and conditions of sale to the customers, guarantees the respect of the established commercial conditions, and ensures the service reporting, the operations' traceability and mutual liability.


All exchanges transit through the site via dedicated and secure environments for the stakeholders who exchange estimates, reports, legal information, commercial offers, meeting schedule, ... under the supervision of Home Luberon. is also present on social media.


Our goal is to combine a direct contact with the performance of digital platforms to enable homeowners to enhance their properties and improve the management of their real estate assets.


With our skills, let's promote together a new way of forging relationships and trust between owners, service providers and tenants with the lasting desire to preserve the dynamism and charm of our beautiful Region!

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